Return and Refund Policy

What should you do if you realize that you don’t need the ordered drugs anymore? In this case, you can return the parcel and get your money back. How to do that?

First, our clients can cancel their orders before the system proceeds and authorizes the payment. As a rule, one has 24 hours to ask for the order cancellation. If the parcel has the tick “Sent,” it will be necessary to contact us and tell our online helpers that a client has changed his or her mind and wants to return the money. Our assistants will reply ASAP and say what to do to return the payment.

Second, our customers have 15 days to return the parcel and money. According to the law, everyone can return the purchased goods within the first 14 days after the payment has been accepted.

Third, our clients return everything till the last penny if following the refund and return conditions. If they want to learn more, our chat helpers will provide the required information immediately.

Finally, one must fill in the blank to return the parcel and money. It is necessary to mention the order number and other details, such as name and surname, address, contact information, and reasons (if the parcel is opened, but a client wants a 100% refund), such as:

  • poor or torn packaging,
  • wrong medicines inside the parcel,
  • expired drugs,
  • late delivery, etc.

Note! The best variant is to pay for the parcel with a debit or credit card. Due to that, we will be able to return your payment faster than via bank transfers.