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Ivermectin is one of the most popular anti-parasitic solutions, which combats a wide array of different intestinal parasites, as well as mites and lice. Essentially, the parasites that feed on your blood will be absolutely devastated by this drug. It also has some antiviral properties, but not nearly as potent.

It was discovered in the mid-80s and introduced into common use in the 90s. It ended up being one of the most common ways to battle parasites, although it won’t work on some unwanted guests, such as tapeworms. You’ll need something different for them.

It’s not a particularly strong drug, nor is it a steroid. However, it can mess with your nervous system, joints, and skin quite roughly. If you worry about some of these side effects, the best solution is to take prevention measures. But if you did get infected, you’ll just have to bear it.

Now, what it does is release certain chemicals into your blood. These chemicals will affect the muscles and nerves of your parasites, making them defenseless, docile, and eventually dead.

Most common parasites are affected by it, including intestinal worms and scalp bugs. It comes in over-the-counter varieties, which means you can try self-treatment, but it’s not wise. If you have parasites, you should likely go to your doctor. For one, you’ll know if Ivermectin kills your kind of parasitic guests. Moreover, it may not work well with some other drugs that you take.

If you know that your type of parasite is a type treated by Ivermectin, if you take no other drugs, and if you have no pre-dispositions to the side effects this drug has, then you might try it on your own. Unless you overdose, the consequences aren’t that severe.

It’s also used quite a lot as an antiviral solution. It did show some effectiveness against yellow fever, Zika virus, and others. It can be used as a mild antiviral solution if you don’t have anything else on hand at the moment. Nonetheless, it’s better to go to a hospital and check it out.

Ivermectin for Sale at Canada Pharmacy Online

Ivermectin for humans typically comes in tablets of 3mg. It’s also possible to find 6mg tablets. It’s flexible enough, considering that the daily norm of this drug per kg of body weight can be anything from 150 to even 400mcg. So, the weight itself also affects your daily dose, obviously.

The main producer of Ivermectin drugs in Canada is Merck. One of the most common Ivermectin varieties in this country is Stromectol, which comes in packages of 4, 8, 12, and 24 tablets. The usual prices start at $129 and can go up to $579, respectively. That is quite expensive.

If you want to save on your medicinal expenses, you can buy Generic Ivermectin. It is essentially the same Ivermectin, but without any additional ingredients or branding. It has exactly the same quality because the quality control norms still apply to them even if they are Generic.

They are much cheaper, partially because most Generic Ivermectin tablets you find in Canada come from India. You can easily find a 6mg 4-tablet package of this product for just $39.99. It’s not like you’re compromising on quality, lasting effect, and so on. It’s just a cheaper, maybe slightly less effective variety of the drug we all know and love.

Ivermectin is still a prescribed drug, even if some forms of it can be purchased over the counter. As mentioned, you don’t really want to do that because you can never know on your own how long you need to take it and whether you need to consider how your drugs will interact with it.

Taking Ivermectin

Ivermectin has its own dosage system, and you need a bit of math to figure out exactly how much you need. Be careful not to overdose because severe Ivermectin overdose can lead to seizures and even coma. There is a standardized way of measuring these things, so don’t worry.

Your usual daily dose would be 150-200mcg per kg of your weight – the maximum is 400mcg/kg. Note that it says ‘mcg’, not ‘mg’. Considering that an average Canadian is somewhere around 80 kg, that would mean roughly 12000mcg (or 12mg) of Ivermectin. Basically, you can take four 3mg tablets and be grand.

You can take your own dosage and use rough estimations as to how big your parasitic population is, but it’s seriously better to go to a doctor if it bothers you. If not, you can take your daily dose of Ivermectin for 2-5 days straight until you feel that the infestation is gone.

You don’t want to take it during meals. The optimal time would be 2 hours after one or 0.5 hour before eating. It usually gets absorbed within 12-16 hours and then gets extracted some hours after. Thus, you might want to take your daily dose at once at more or less the same time of day every day until you’re well.

Side Effects of Ivermectin

Depending on the many different factors, you may or may not experience some side effects when taking Ivermectin. In particular, you may experience them if you’re especially susceptible to eye problems, skin issues, stomach and joint conditions, and mental issues.

The most common problems include rashes, vision problems, puffy eyes, confusion, emotional imbalance, fever, trouble breathing, and higher heartbeat rates. They can manifest more often if you have to take the drug for longer periods of time and undertake several courses.

Overdose can come in two varieties. If it’s a slight overdose, you can experience dizziness, nausea, sleepiness, rashes, diarrhea, and so forth. If it’s a hard overdose, you can absolutely get a seizure, a coma, allergic reactions, higher acidity, and lowered pressure. It’s really not likely to have a fatal outcome, but even these are bad enough.


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