Amoxicillin Generic Online

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic medication related to penicillin. As such, it’s an effective antibacterial remedy that can treat a wide range of bacterial infections. That includes, in particular, pneumonia, otitis, skin infections, cystitis, and more. It’s usually taken orally, although vein injections are also a thing.

Introduced in 1972 by the British pharmaceutical company Beecham, it’s long been used as one of the most common penicillin drugs. At the moment, the brand name Amoxil is reserved by GlaxoSmithKline, which remains a major supplier of this drug worldwide. However, Amoxicillin is likewise common in its generic non-brand form.

Amoxicillin remains one of the most effective and widespread penicillin drugs. It’s particularly helpful when combined with clavulanic acid. The resulting drug is often sold under its own brand name, which is Augmentin. It offers an even stronger response to bacteria-borne infections.

Amoxil Price in Canada

Most types of Amoxicillin found in Canada are generic. Amoxil, the GSK brand product, is a thing, but ‘pure’ Amoxicillin is a lot more common. The differences are minuscule anyway – both in terms of quality and safety. The generic variety, though, is a lot cheaper.

Amoxil can cost as much as $100 for a regular pack. That means 100 capsules, each weighing 250mg. It can also often go in quantities of 21 capsules and a dosage of 500mg. The generic versions generally follow the same parameters, but they can be more diverse.

Generic Amoxicillin from Canadian MPN Pharmacy is cheaper. The same basic package sells for $39. The two most common dosage varieties are 250mg & 500mg. Most of them are produced domestically in Canada, but some are manufactured in India. They are even cheaper than usual generic Amoxil.

The generic variety isn’t any different from brand forms. The quality is rarely any lower than you’d find in brand drugs such as what GSK makes. These are made by professionals and with excellent quality control. So, it’s not a cheap copy but a more affordable product with the same exact composition.

Besides capsules, they are also sold in chewable tabs, which are somewhat more expensive. Furthermore, a powder form is available for sale, which can be diffused in water to make a drinkable mixture. Other forms also exist, but these are the most common.

How Does It Work?

As is common for penicillin solutions, Amoxicillin works by locating the cells of bacteria and weakening them. It doesn’t outright kill them, but it will make them less resistant to the outside elements, eventually creating a batch of cells that can easily be killed by the immune system and surrounding cells.

The main difference between this antibiotic and other penicillin types is its higher absorption rate. It means that you can take smaller doses and still get it to work. Furthermore, it stays in your blood for longer, making it a tad more effective against some of the more durable infections.

Amoxicillin is safe and relatively cheap, meaning that you can often be prescribed this solution in case of mild to moderate infections. It doesn’t treat all common infections, and if you have a severe case, you might be better off with a less safe but also more effective drug.

The biggest concern with antibiotics is that they can compromise our own immune systems by killing off the cells that don’t need to be killed. Amoxicillin is safe in this regard, although excessive use of this antibiotic can still harm you in this regard. Fortunately, it doesn’t quite reach this level in a week, which is a typical length you’ll be taking it.

Effects of Amoxicillin

Amoxicillin is an effective response against a number of bacterial infections. It’s most useful against pneumonia, skin infections, cystitis, otitis, as well as chlamydia, Lyme, and Salmonella. As such, it has a wide spectrum of applications, although it is most commonly used for lung diseases.

One of its most convenient qualities is compatibility with other solutions. Besides the already explored clavulanic acid, it can be effectively used with blood thinners (Warfarin), as well as typhoid, gout (Allopurinol), and cancer medications. There is a lot more, but with a reduced degree of compatibility.

It’s not a steroid, nor does it help with viruses. Moreover, it’s not the best pick for some bacterial infections, meaning you have to pick something stronger. Overall, it offers a response against a wide variety of conditions and doesn’t really have that many adverse effects compared to some other antibiotics.

Side Effects

The side effects are relatively mild. The most widespread of them are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and skin rashes, the latter being a unique common side effect. It can also cause swelling and flushing, particularly in the face area. They are all statistically rare, however.

They can also deepen mental health issues, including anxiety, jumpiness, insomnia, depression, as well as common dizziness. This side effect is more common in people who already have stressed nervous systems. You can still experience these issues even without the pre-existing conditions if you consume Amoxicillin excessively.

You can overdose on Amoxicillin, although the results aren’t very severe. Diarrhea and stomachaches are typically the extents of that. It may cause additional damage to kidneys for patients with already problematic kidneys. There are also cases of being allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin, but that’s usually tested for.

Overdosing on Amoxicillin isn’t fatal. It can lead to a very uncomfortable day and a general sick feeling, but that’s the extent of that.

Taking Amoxicillin

Amoxicillin is most often consumed orally. It can typically be found in capsules. A regular daily intake is either 3 doses of up to 250-500mg or 2 doses of 500-1000mg. You should take them either 8 or 12 hours apart, respectively. That makes them fall more or less within the mealtimes.

This is intuitive because Amoxicillin should be taken before or after meals, preferably with water. It’s a strict treatment course and usually lasts for 3-7 days until the infection retreats. You can theoretically mix it with alcohol in moderate quantities. However, alcohol both skews your perception and weakens the immune system, making it counterproductive.


You can easily order Amoxicillin capsules online. The delivery is all across Canada, but the estimated arrival time will vary depending on where exactly you live. You can save money by going for generic versions of the drug. They are just as effective, but a lot cheaper.