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Privacy Policy

Privacy – Canadian MPN Group

The Canadian MPN Group is dedicated to the protection of all the personal information entrusted to us (hereby referred to as “personal information”).

The purpose of this confidentiality policy is to let you know why and how we obtain personal information on this website, (hereby referred to as “the website”), and to explain the methods that we employ for the protection of such personal information. The MPN Group respects your privacy. Accordingly, we have developed general procedures and practices for managing personal information.

Personal information

This confidentiality policy describes the personal information that the MPN Group may collect about users of the website in the course of its regular provision of services. It also describes how this information may be used.

Our primary purpose in collecting personal information about you is to make sure that your experience on our website is safe, effective and personalized. It allows us to provide the services and features that are best suited to your needs and customize your experience to make it safer and more enjoyable. We only collect personal information that we consider necessary for this purpose.

Why does the MPN Group collect personal information?

The MPN Group collects personal information for the following reasons:
• To develop collaborative efforts for the members of the Canadian MPN group.
• Provide easier access for users of our website.
• Measure and improve the efficiency of the MPN Group
• Customize our users’ experience.
• Serve all other purposes to which users have consented or purposes otherwise required or permitted by law or described to users of the website when personal information is collected, used or disclosed.

We make every reasonable effort to prevent the loss or inappropriate use of personal information in our possession.

Does the MPN Group disclose your personal information?

The MPN Group will not disclose personal information for any reason other than the reason it was originally collected, except with the consent of the website user or as required by law or by a duly constituted authority.

Certain circumstances might require us to disclose personal information to third parties. For example, the MPN Group may disclose personal information to a third party that has been hired to perform certain functions on our behalf, or to a public authority or representative of a public authority if, in the MPN Group’s reasonable judgment, there appears to be an imminent threat to life or personal property, which could be avoided or minimized through disclosure of such information.

For the purpose of obtaining specialized services, we may transmit some of your information to outside service providers. If we disclose personal information in accordance with this confidentiality policy, we will disclose only the required information. We also sign confidentiality agreements, whenever it is reasonable and practical to do so, with the third parties to whom we disclose information.

We may also retain the services of third-party service providers to facilitate or outsource certain aspects of the business and operations related to the products and services we provide, particularly in the field of website hosting or computer programming. Accordingly, we may forward some of your personal information directly to these service providers. These service providers are subject to a confidentiality agreement with the MPN group, and are required by law not to use your personal information for any purpose other than to perform or facilitate the mandate entrusted to them by the MPN Group, unless they have obtained your explicit consent or authorization prior to such additional use.

In view of certain existing regulations, we cannot guarantee that none of your personal information will ever be disclosed in a manner that is not in accordance with this confidentiality policy. For example, we may be obliged in some circumstances to disclose personal information to the government or other third parties. Consequently, although our practices comply with industry privacy protection standards, we cannot promise that your personal information or private communications will always remain private, and you should not expect them to remain so.

This website may also contain hyperlinks to other websites. These are supplied for your reference only and may have confidentiality practices and policies that differ from ours. The MPN Group is not responsible for these third-party websites and we suggest that you review their confidentiality policies if you choose to visit their websites.

Communications from the MPN Group

If you have supplied your postal or email address, we may communicate with you in order to send you information about our programs or services. If you do not wish to receive this information, please let us know using one of the contact addresses listed below.

Your consent, confirmation and changes to personal information

You may withdraw your consent for the MPN Group to manage your personal information by sending a request in writing to the address indicated in the legal notice, subject to applicable legal and contractual restrictions, and with sufficient advance notice. Withdrawal of consent may reduce our ability to supply certain products and services to you. You may contact the MPN group for further information about the implications of withdrawing your consent.

You may also access and revise your personal information held by the MPN group and make appropriate changes by contacting us. You may be asked to make your request in writing and to provide identification. We ask for identification in order to ensure that we are not unintentionally disclosing your personal information to a third party attempting to impersonate you.

If you have any questions or concerns…

If you want further information about the MPN Groups confidentiality policy and practices, please contact us using the information below. We will do our best to help you if you have any questions or concerns.

By letter:
MPN Group Operations Office
199-435 St. Laurent Boulevard
Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 2Z8

Tel: 613-748-9613
Fax: 613-748-6392


Should any provision of this confidentiality policy be contrary to law, null or non-binding for any reason, it shall be considered severable from the confidentiality policy without affecting the validity or binding nature of the other provisions

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

This confidentiality policy and its interpretation are subject to the applicable laws in force in Ontario. The courts of the Toronto, province of Ontario, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute respecting this confidentiality policy, including its interpretation and effects.

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